What is Nifty SME EMERGE Index?

In the last article Indian Stock Market Indices we covered many market indices in detail but excluded the NIFTY SME EMERGE INDEX. Let us now quickly cover what that is.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), including micro enterprises, play a crucial role in Indian economy by producing diverse range of products & services and contributing to value addition across sectors. SMEs are the backbone to the overall economic growth and key contributor to employment generation in the country. Initiatives like ‘Make in India’,‘Startup India’, MUDRA Yojana and ‘Skill India’ envision SMEs as the catalyst to socio-economic transformation in India.

NIFTY SME EMERGE Index is designed to reflect the performance of a portfolio of eligible small and medium enterprises that are listed on NSE EMERGE platform.

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  • The index constituents are weighted based on free float market capitalization
  • The index has a base date of December 01, 2016 and a base value of 1000
  • Index is reconstituted on a quarterly basis

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To form part of the NIFTY SME EMERGE, stocks should qualify the following eligibility criteria-

  • Stocks should be listed under NSE EMERGE platform
  • At the time of quarterly review, stocks should have traded for a minimum of 25% of trading days subject to a minimum of 10 trading days during the previous 3 months
  • Minimum number of constituents in the index is 20

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All index related announcements are posted on the websites of IISL and NSE.
This was a short note. If you are interested to read about market indices in detail should read our last article on INDIAN STOCK MARKET INDICES (NSE)
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